Asia's 1st Million Dollar Ring Earner


Mr Dennis Bay

Hi, I'm Dennis Bay from Singapore and I'm WorldVentures Asia's 1st Million Dollar Ring Earner and Double International Marketing Director. I've been in this industry since I was 21 years old with over 20 years success experience. Now, I want to help YOU achieve success and I don't care who's team you are in, because I believe EVERYONE can GO IMD because we are ONE BIG TEAM and T-ogether E-veryone A-chieves M-ore!


How I Got Started

I joined Worldventures in 10.10.10 after getting an email from a friend telling me that if I don't take a look at this company, I will regret it forever. 2 years later, on my 35th birthday 28.9.2012, I became one of the pioneer International Marketing Directors in Asia. Less than 2 years later, in 8.2014 I became the 1st Million Dollar Ring Earner in Asia and 1 year later in 6.2015, I became the 1st Double International Marketing Director in Asia. After more than 8 years, I have built a global network of over 1,000,000+ enrolled customers, generating close to a billion dollars in global sales. 


My Mission

My mission and purpose in life now is not about money anymore, its about helping more people achieve success and freedom in their lives. My mission now is to travel the world, to EDUCATE, EMPOWER and ENRICH more lives, share my story and inspire YOU to also join our family of FUN, FREEDOM & FULFILLMENT as a new International Marketing Director. Let's GO IMD together!!! Enjoy the free videos, audios and resources on this website, and I hope to see YOU at the TOP!


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